How to travel responsibly?

Dear traveler,

Responsible travelling is not boring by any means! On the contrary, responsible travels are more inspiring, memorable and unique!

It’s really easy! Here are some tips:

  1. Respect local inhabitants, their customs and traditions; attempt to become acquainted with their culture, enrich your travel experience. As a result, it is more likely that local people will treat you like a guest rather than a tourist.
  2. Help to protect natural heritage of visited sites. Protect wildlife and nature, watch, admire, take photos; do not pick protected plants nor threat animals. Generally speaking, do not disturb the natural rhythm of wildlife.
  3. Have regard for material culture heritage; do not devastate historic monuments of art. Respect “Keep of wall” signs. Do not draw any marks, inscriptions and drawings on monuments. Just a few such signs, and monument loses its original value while others lose the chance to admire it in the state in which you could do it.
  4. If possible, use public transport. Using public transport reduces negative impact on environment. Leave your car home. Take a train instead of seating behind the wheel, enjoy picturesque landscapes
  5. Do not litter! You mustn’t leave the garbage! Littering not only pollutes the environment but also is harmful to flora and fauna. Therefore, try to find the nearest waste bin or provide yourself with a garbage bag. Travelling around places that drown in garbage is not a pleasure.
  6. Your journey may contribute to the increase of economy of visited site. Therefore, buy regional products and local people’s handicraft. As a result you will get original souvenirs whereas inhabitants have a chance to earn money. Bring home something original instead of buying a quasi-souvenir, which is manufactured in bulk abroad, and you can buy it everywhere.
  7. If possible use accommodation, restaurants and shops belonging to local residents. In this way, your holiday spending will improve local economy and you are going to have a chance to learn more about local culture or cuisine. Trying dishes prepared from fresh products will enrich your culinary experience.

After all, you wouldn’t like to return to the place which once delighted you and later turned into a loads of trash.

Remember that very little is needed to be a responsible tourist and how much you can gain by obeying the above rules. Your every decision has influence on visited sites, so travel knowingly!

Help visited places to keep their own unique atmosphere and the most valuable qualities, so that others can enjoy them like you. Encourage others to travel responsibly!

Author: Malgorzata Barecka